React and React Native templates | NativeBase Startup+

100+ responsive, accessible, dark mode compatible UI screens that work on web and native platforms to build your app upto 2x faster.

What’s packed inside?

A bundle of 100+ ready-to-use screens with the source code and complete Figma kit with assets for all the screens.

Why NativeBase Startup+?

..because isn’t it awesome to build your product in ~ 50% time, 50% resources and ~ 50% less cost on top of a platform already trusted by millions?
Every time I build apps, I waste weeks rebuilding the same screens over and over again; Auth screens, News feed, Search screen, Sidebar / Drawer, Profile screens, Shopping cart, Product pages etc.
That's why the NativeBase team (me and other brilliant folks) created NativeBase Startup+.
The NativeBase Startup+ bundle has over 100 UI screens for native mobile apps and web apps. We have spent months building it right so that you don't have to. Whether you are a business owner, a service provider or an indie developer, this bundle will save weeks of effort and help you build your apps faster.
100+ Plug and Play screens you can use in your React/React Native Projects to build beautiful, responsive and accessible UI, for any type of app.
5 free screens!
Try before you buy.
Your theme. Your product. Your identity. We give you the jump-start. Easily customizable to build your brand.

Get this now. Build your product faster & better!

Make a simple, one-time purchase and save 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars.
Grab the template now to see if our product fits your business.
  • ** We are constantly pushing new updates every day to improve the overall quality of the bundle.
  • Create an End Product for Personal use.
  • Create an End Product for 1 (one) client where the End Product can be sold to that client for a one-time fee.
  • Create an End Product for your University/School.
  • Change the colors, elements, typography, and images.
  • Modify, change or manipulate the bundle. You can combine the bundle with other works and make a derivative work from it.

What are people saying?

Here's what our customers have to say about Startup+ bundle
These new NativeBase Startup+ screens & templates work with @expo or regular React Native for web, tablet, and phones. Really nice looking cross-platform designs that will get your app/startup rolling quickly 📈!
Lol 😂 , luckily with tech like React Native and Flutter that is more attainable. For startups, something like this: saves so much time it is crazy. Then you can add native code where you need. I just wish React Native libs like expo had more Swift
NativeBase Startup+ is built on top of the popular NativeBase component library. Here, we offer ready-to-use production ready screens and not components that can be used to build the web and mobile apps.
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